Color leaf craft

I am attracted to natural forms and geometric patterns, and I create and post art and photo works.


Design and illustration work

Create and sell original pictograms, stamps, and dress-up designs on LINE Creators. Mainly digital using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I use my work experience at a design company and what I learn every day.

I also design merchandise at the request of companies, although I am not listed on this site because I am not privy to it.

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Online Store

Original design T-shirts are available for order on Amazon.

Handmade and Art

I have loved handicrafts and arts and crafts since I was a child. I painted oil paintings in my high school club and made dragonfly balls with burner work. Now I do kilnwork in a small electric oven. It is glasswork.

My paintings are acrylic, pen drawings, and digital art.

I am interested in works with threads. I want to express myself by combining embroidery, tatting lace, and knitting with glass. I would be happy to use nature and cats as motifs for my works and to make use of the cuteness of the materials.


I like to take pictures of plants, the sky, cats and other animals, which I also sell on Adobe stock and material sites.

I also post on Instagram.

Steel tongue drum

I have been uploading videos of steel tongue drum performances on You Tube since February 2020.

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